This project has received funding from the European
Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon
2020 research and innovation programme.
Grant agreement No. 834033 AN-ICON.

2021 Interactivity


Archaeology of Interactivity: Materiality of Cinematic devices and Physiology of Human-Machine Interaction

Simone Venturini University of Udine

Interactivity has a long history, having been part of the moving image production since, at least, the XIX Century. Several media-archaeological approaches offer interdisciplinary tools and frameworks of particular interest for studying the material, technological and temporal nature of media interactivity. In particular, the seminar will focus on the study of the material culture of the cinematic apparatus and on the physiology of the human-machine interaction.

The contribution will unfold through case studies focusing on pre-cinematographic, cinematic and post-cinematographic apparatuses and a network of interdisciplinary references ranging from the epistemology of science and new film history to cultural techniques and archival practices.

The seminar will therefore be organised in two parts. The first will be devoted to the physiological interactions between the human and the cinematic machines and to a reflection on the epistemic and socio-technical infrastructures that shape them. The second will focus on the experimental media archaeology practices, and in particular those active in media lab settings and environments, aimed at reactivating the knowledge inscribed into the artefacts and apparatus of cinematic material culture.

Simone Venturini is a professor at the University of Udine and was one of the founders of its La Camera Ottica lab. He is the scientific coordinator of the Udine Film Forum and the director of Udine’s MA programs in audio-visual heritage, media education, and cinema studies. His research interests include the history and theory of film culture, film preservation, media archaeology, and technological and production history of Italian cinema. He has published in Springer, Berghahn, AUP, Carocci, Marsilio, and journals such as JFP, Cinéma & Cie, and Bianco e Nero.