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John Constable, Wivenhoe Park, Essex, 1816

Department of Philosophy, Sala Seminari

Seminar of Philosophy of Image

On Ernst H. Gombrich’s Conception of Illusion in Depiction

Elisa Caldarola University of Padova

In the first part of the talk, I analyze the role played by the notion of ‘illusion’ in the arguments put forward by Ernst H. Gombrich in Art and Illusion (1960). In the second part, I show how some points made by Gombrich have been interpreted and further developed in more recent debate on the nature of pictorial experience.


keywords #Depiction; #ErnstGombrich; #Illusion; #JensDamZiska; #KaterinaBantinaki

Elisa Caldarola is a S.T.A.R.S. Grant Fellow at the University of Padova. She has been Visiting Scholar at the University of Santiago de Compostela (2016-2017), Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the University of Maryland (2015-2016), Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Padova (2012-2016), and Visiting Research Student at The Queen’s College, Oxford (2008). Her published work focuses on abstract painting, caricature, conceptual art and the meta-ontology of art, as well as on Ernst H- Gombrich’s and Ludwig Wittgenstein’s views on depiction. Her current research project concerns site-specific art, installation art and curatorial practice.