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2020 research and innovation programme.
Grant agreement No. 834033 AN-ICON.



Virtual meeting (Zoom)

Seminar of Philosophy of Image

The Aesthetic Potential of Film – between Illusion and Re-Presentation

Gertrud Koch Freie Universität Berlin

Film stems from photography (and other aesthetic practices) and from there film is shifting between the stubborn inherent realism of the photographic image and its referentiality and the illusion of movement that sets it apart. The elcture tries to discuss the consequences for film aesthetics coming from this double perspevtive built in the medium and its technologies. The ongoing debate about cinema’s power to bring afore an effect of reality as aesthetic illusion swirls around the poles of artificiality and reality, fiction and document. Some of these aspects will be analyzed.

keywords illusion, movement, technology, aesthetics

Gertrud Koch is Prof. em. of Cinema Studies at Freie Universität Berlin and currently holds a position as visiting professor in the Department of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University.  Numerous stays as research fellow and visiting professor (NYU, Columbia, Berkeley, Tel Aviv University, Getty Research Center in Los Angeles et al.) She was the director of the research center  “Aesthetic experience in the sign oft he entanglement of the arts” in Berlin from 2006-2014.

Monographies: Herbert Marcuse zur Einführung ( Hauke Brunkhorst), Hamburg 1987; “Was ich erbeute, sind Bilder”. Zur filmischen Repräsentation der Geschlechterdifferenz, Frankfurt a.M. 1988; Die Einstellung ist die Einstellung. Zur visuellen Konstruktion des Judentums, Frankfurt a.M. 1992; Siegfried Kracauer zur Einführung, Hamburg 1996, english edition from Pricneton University Press; Breaking Bad, Berlin 2015, english edition: Breaking Out, Breaking Bad, Breaking even, Dipahanes 2017; Die Wiederkehr der Illusion. Film und die Künste, der Gegenwart, Berlin2016; Zwischen Raubtier und Chamäleon. Texte zu Film, Medien, Kunst und Kultur, hg. von Judith Keilbach und Thomas Morsch, München 2016.

Co-Editor and on the board of numeorus German and international reviews (October, Constellation,  Philosophy & Social Criticism, Cinema&Cie et al.)

Currently preparing a book on technoaesthetics and animation.